Go Grey or Dye it?

grey hair and attitude

Going grey with attitude

This morning I got honked at for taking too long at the stop sign and it was all the fault of a grey hair.

It wasn’t my fault; I had just looked in the rear view mirror and noticed a shiny grey hair.  I was mesmerized. It wasn’t the first grey hair I’ve found.  Or the second, or third……..and I just had to isolate it and pull it out and inspect it.  All these new grey hairs make me wonder, should I let nature take its course and turn into a salt and pepper diva?  Or should I fight it with everything I’ve got until my last breath?

Some women can age gracefully, but what if you feel that it’s happening too early?  Not a fair question is it?  We all feel that way at some point. I have friends that have gone grey gracefully.  They look smart and sophisticated, stylish and even debonair.  It hasn’t made them look older, it’s made them look and act more confident.  But is it for everyone….probably not.  Some of us have facial features and skin tones that don’t suit the grey.  It can make us look older, or my worst fear; haggard and dreary.  If your grey grows in silvery and shiny, you might as well go for it, it can look stylish, current, and even trend-setting. Continue reading


What Not to Wear in Public – Pajama Pants

shopping in pyjama pants and uggs

Like most women, I love my comfy pants and working at home means that I can wear whatever I’d like.  I have a wide range of yoga and track pants, some of which are more stylish than others.  And some days I’d love to just keep my pyjamas on all day, throw on my robe and slippers and work in complete comfort.  There is a problem though; my kids need to be taken to school and as creative as I like to think I am, I just can’t stretch my imagination far enough to picture myself doing it in my flannel pj’s. Continue reading

Our New Home

Recently we have made a major life change.  We picked up and moved 3 hours away to a new house.  And I gotta say…..I love it!  For a couple of reasons, like actually owning my first house.  We’ve always rented because when we lived in Toronto the housing prices were ASTRONOMICAL!  But where we live now the houses are cheap cheap cheap.  Gotta love it.  What would have been at least a $400,000 house in Toronto is $125,000 here. Continue reading

Tip #4: How to Keep your Purse Safe at the Grocery Store

Having a cop for a brother means that whenever we are out and I take my eyes off of my handbag for 1 second I get lectured.  And the worst part is….he’s right.  The grocery store is a prime target for those wanting to pick your wallet or even take your entire purse.

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Tip #3: Why I Love Baby Wipes

Besides so nicely cleaning up my little ones derrieres, baby wipes are infinitely handy.  Obviously they can be used to wipe up after messes on the highchair, shopping cart, etc.  But did you know that they make your running shoes look great?  They clean the grime off of walls left by little finger prints (especially around light switches).

They don’t get out permanent markers like a Magic Eraser, but they will get out crayon, and oil splattered onto the wall by the stove! Continue reading

A bath to myself….pipe dream?

I decided it wataking a bath by myself is a pipe dreams time for me.  Just a little me time.  I don’t think I was asking much, just a half hour in a bubble bath without anyone banging on the door or screaming like the Antichrist was in the room (which he is, I’m pretty sure it’s my 2 year old son).

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How to Make an Easy Felt Board

Rollaway Felt MatMaking a Felt Board and Felt Pieces, the EASY Way.

When I wanted to make a felt board I went straight to the internet and found beautiful pictures and examples from Martha Stewart and a whole bunch of other craft sites Continue reading

Tip #2: Clean Up Spills with Extra Diapers

Clean Up Spills With Extra Diapers

What do you do when your little one grows too big for their diapers partway through a pack?  If you know someone that can use them then pass them on, but if you don’t then hold on to them.  Diapers work great for mopping up large and yucky spills…..after all they’re made to hold large and yucky poops so a spilled glass of milk or the cats puke is no problem!

Tip #1: Use lingerie bags to hold bibs

Wash all your bibs in hosery bags (mesh laundry bags) so the velcro doesn’t stick to, and ruin, everything else in the wash.

Birthday Card Craft

So it’s Grandma’s birthday, I can’t beleive it, seems like it happens each year.

Of course being crafty (and cheap…did I mention cheap?) you’re going to make a card because grandma’s eat that stuff up.  And if I have one piece of advice to new mothers….suck up to the grandparents….it will pay you back in spades.

My 6 year old can make beautiful cards and pictures but anything from my 2 year old is guaranteed to be scribbles, which is adorable, butI like a little something extra.

Here’s a quick and cute birthday card I did recently for a friends birthday.  Just paint your toddlers hand to make a hand print, then go back and add orange flames with construction paper or markers.  Add icing and decorations with markers or even better with puffy paint.

  And voila, a card Grandma will treasure.

I like to have the kids colour on the paper first and then use that as the background to place the handprint on.  You could even do another handprint and make it into a present with a bow.