A bath to myself….pipe dream?

I decided it wataking a bath by myself is a pipe dreams time for me.  Just a little me time.  I don’t think I was asking much, just a half hour in a bubble bath without anyone banging on the door or screaming like the Antichrist was in the room (which he is, I’m pretty sure it’s my 2 year old son).

Being sensible I waited until the kids were both in bed and had been for an hour.  Bubble bath, glass of wine, scented candles,my eReader – all good to go.  I gave my husband strict instructions to leave me alone, and I turned my phone off. I sank into my luxurious bath, fully prepared to enjoy myself for the next 60 minutes….yes I wrinkle like a prune, but it’s worth it.

I had enjoyed maybe a full five minutes when the door burst open and my 6 year old announced “I HAVE TO POO!”.

I barely had enough time to jump out of the tub before I became ensconsed in little girl stink.  My hubbie asked if I was going to go back in when she was done.   Um, no I don’t think so.  Again, not the aroma/feeling I was going for in there.

When I was young, like 25, (oh dear God that was so long ago I think I need to take a break and have a little cry).  Ok, all better, anyways, when I was young, me time was a manicure, a new hair cut, a long nap whenever I wanted it to be.  Shopping for clothes was fun and I could walk out to the store whenever I wanted with no thought about who was watching whom.

Now, it’s at the point where I’m happy to go to the grocery store for some alone time.  Oh the pure luxury of a moment alone in the produce section.

Tell me, what do you do for some alone time?  Some cherished me time?  Some I need out of here before I go on a killing spree time?


One thought on “A bath to myself….pipe dream?

  1. Oh dear, sounds like bad timing this time (kids seem to sense it though don’t they – Mommy is relaxing, bm time!). I will carve out specific ‘me time’ during the week and take it outside the home. Yoga, hair appoint, pedicure, shopping or date with friends. That way all hell can break loose at home, and I remain in a happy state of oblivion.

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