Tip #3: Why I Love Baby Wipes

Besides so nicely cleaning up my little ones derrieres, baby wipes are infinitely handy.  Obviously they can be used to wipe up after messes on the highchair, shopping cart, etc.  But did you know that they make your running shoes look great?  They clean the grime off of walls left by little finger prints (especially around light switches).

They don’t get out permanent markers like a Magic Eraser, but they will get out crayon, and oil splattered onto the wall by the stove!

I use baby wipes to dust and they work great on the bottom of my Swiffer.  They’re great for the kids too…give them one or two and they are off to clean off the table before lunch.  My 2 year old son knows that when the dogs come in from the yard all muddy that he can go get some wipes to clean up the floor after them.  Works out great for both of us.  My 6 year old daughter loves to help clean up the bathroom floor with them.

I keep a box in the car to dust the dash and wipe up spills on the seats and kids and me.  They also work great for a quick wipe down of the pets, especially after grooming them to pick up excess hairs.  My dog gets a daily cleaning around the eyes to clean up all that goop.

I also like to keep a small plastic baggie of wipes in my purse for when I’m out.  Turns out they are great stain removers from clothes.  Spill some coffee on your shirt?  Get out a baby wipe and rub away, you’ll be amazed, and it will dry like new.

I don’t know about you, but as much as I try to buy the refills I always end up with a bunch of the plastic tub dispensers.  These can be used for a million things.  Take them outside for the sandbox and let them explore pouring sand through the opening, or take the top off to make rectangular castles.  Give them to infants (9-12 months) with some toys and watch them spend some quiet time putting their toys in and out of the boxes.  Cover them with fabric (I am SO addicted to my spray adhesive and fabric  covering…..this weekend I’ve made photo mats, a roman blind and covered a shoe rack), and store Kleenex, cotton balls, Q-tips, buttons, sewing supplies, pasta, spices, junk, mail, etc.  The Pampers lids leave a nicer box when the lid is removed than the Huggies do because of the way it’s attached.

You’d think I spend a fortune on wipes, but I don’t, I just look for sales and when I find a good one I buy them right out. Remember that after all these uses I still have 4 kids still in diapers!  (Thankfully only one of them is my own, the rest are daycare kids)

Do you have any other uses for baby wipes?


4 thoughts on “Tip #3: Why I Love Baby Wipes

  1. We also have a bunch of the dispensers lying around because we buy them at Costco and each box always comes with one. We use one dispenser outside to hold his chalk lol.

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