Tip #4: How to Keep your Purse Safe at the Grocery Store

Having a cop for a brother means that whenever we are out and I take my eyes off of my handbag for 1 second I get lectured.  And the worst part is….he’s right.  The grocery store is a prime target for those wanting to pick your wallet or even take your entire purse.

The easiest solution?  Use those safety straps on the shopping cart to secure your handbag.  No one can grab it and it will make it difficult to rifle through it.  If you have a child sitting there, just loop your bag through the strap before you put your kid in, and you can still strap the little one in there.

As a side note I heard several years ago about a study done on unsuspecting parents in the grocery store.  Researchers rated the childs appearance when they came into the store.  They found that the better looking a child was the more likely the parent was to strap them into the cart.    I know, right now you’re thinking about what you do, and how ugly/cute your child is.  Ha ha, personally I think it comes down to your child’s personality.  My 2 year old won’t even sit there, not so easy to pull stuff off of the shelves that way.


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