Our New Home

Recently we have made a major life change.  We picked up and moved 3 hours away to a new house.  And I gotta say…..I love it!  For a couple of reasons, like actually owning my first house.  We’ve always rented because when we lived in Toronto the housing prices were ASTRONOMICAL!  But where we live now the houses are cheap cheap cheap.  Gotta love it.  What would have been at least a $400,000 house in Toronto is $125,000 here.

The only problem is that we’ve been here 3 months now and though I love my beautiful new house, we still haven’t gotten all of the old lady out of it.  Who knew that linoleum could be used in so many places?  My bedroom floors….linoleum.   My upstairs hallway….linoleum.   The kids rooms….linoleum.  The basement….linoleum.   And not some pretty kind that looks like actual tile.  I mean the old yellow and green and brown, straight from the 70’s linoleum.

And the family bathroom.  Wow.  Someone loved purple.  From the purple tub to the purple toilet, the purple tiles and the purple and blue counter.  It makes me wonder…..why not a purple sink?   When my niece (who LOVES the color purple) saw it she started to scream, she loved it so much.  Unfortunately I don’t have quite the same sensibilites as a 5 year old.  I’m  not in love.  In fact I think I’m in deep hate.  The lights are two hanging glass pineapples and the walls (which match ALL the bedrooms) is a mauvey pink.

And yet it’s still all gloriously mine!

My poor husband spent an entire weekend painting the living rooms and the hallways and powder room.   A great improvement.   Except now we have a giant red wall in the living room and it’s totally empty because we can’t decide on what to put up.  I have scoured Pinterest because like many others, I have a Pinterest addiction.  But I find myself getting overwhelmed and now months later we still have an empty wall.  But it’s MY empty wall.

And now that I’m not working, I can finally add to my blog again.  Or paint my house and pull up the linoleum, tear out the kitchen……………..or sleep.  I’m seriously leaning towards a nap.


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