What Not to Wear in Public – Pajama Pants

shopping in pyjama pants and uggs

Like most women, I love my comfy pants and working at home means that I can wear whatever I’d like.  I have a wide range of yoga and track pants, some of which are more stylish than others.  And some days I’d love to just keep my pyjamas on all day, throw on my robe and slippers and work in complete comfort.  There is a problem though; my kids need to be taken to school and as creative as I like to think I am, I just can’t stretch my imagination far enough to picture myself doing it in my flannel pj’s.

Lately, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend.  Pyjama pants have their place and time, namely in your house where no one else will see you.  I thought this unspoken rule was a no-brainer, but recently I can’t make it out for a trip to the grocery store without seeing a pair of pink fuzzy cow-printed pants checking out the produce.

Perhaps if this was an age related trend it would be understandable.  When we see those teenage girls walking down the street, both in their flannel jammy pants we know that they called each other and said,

Miley Cyrus out for a walk in her pajamas

“Did you see Miley Cyrus wearing those pyjama pants?  Let’s totally both wear those to school tomorrow”,

“I will if you will!”

But when the 35-year-old Mom in the school yard is sporting the leopard print pyjama pants to pick up her kids at 3:30 in the afternoon, I’m left a little bewildered.  When did this become okay?

Ladies, we all love the comfy pants and pyjama pants are the queen of comfort.  They are not however, a queen of style.  Most pyjama pants are not made to flatter.  Some of my favourite pants are fleece, plaid, and make my hips look like two walking tree trunks.  I don’t think I want anyone to see that, or be forced to see that. At least I’m smart enough to know that no should have to view this atrocity except my family.  And they HAVE to.  I feed them.

Remember there’s always an alternative.  If you’re already in your pyjama pants and find that you need something from the grocery store, please save some of your self-respect and don’t don the pj’s.  I’d say change into some yoga pants or leggings, but I prefer my personal solution;

I send out my husband.


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