Can a good mom be a good liar?

Sometimes I’m surprised my daughter doesn’t turn around, point a finger at me and start screaming “Liar Liar Pants on Fire”.   And the truth is, I’d deserve it.

The lies started out harmlessly, “No baby, McDonalds is closed, I just called them and they aren’t open today”, “All of those chocolate bars are garlic flavoured”, and my personal favourite….”Mommy walked into the door….Daddy’s not mad at all”.

Sometimes I can’t believe the words that come out of my mouth.  Was I this much of a liar before I had kids?

In fact I think now it’s just spreading to other aspects of my life.  All of a sudden when I get home from shopping, items seem to have been on for a much better deal than at the store, and internet purchases are so cheap they were practically “free”.  Is it an addiction?  Or a necessary evil?

Sometimes I wonder if other moms do this, or am I just that lazy?  Can lying to your kids actually be a sign of good parenting?  I’m sure most of those super parents out there would disagree with me, and normally I’m totally Super MOM.  (see how easy it is for me to lie now?)

I was thinking about working on it, but it seems easier to lie about working on it then to actually stop.

Until then, I’m off to clean my house from top to bottom then take the kids out for an educational adventure.

See, I can’t stop.