Go Grey or Dye it?

grey hair and attitude

Going grey with attitude

This morning I got honked at for taking too long at the stop sign and it was all the fault of a grey hair.

It wasn’t my fault; I had just looked in the rear view mirror and noticed a shiny grey hair.  I was mesmerized. It wasn’t the first grey hair I’ve found.  Or the second, or third……..and I just had to isolate it and pull it out and inspect it.  All these new grey hairs make me wonder, should I let nature take its course and turn into a salt and pepper diva?  Or should I fight it with everything I’ve got until my last breath?

Some women can age gracefully, but what if you feel that it’s happening too early?  Not a fair question is it?  We all feel that way at some point. I have friends that have gone grey gracefully.  They look smart and sophisticated, stylish and even debonair.  It hasn’t made them look older, it’s made them look and act more confident.  But is it for everyone….probably not.  Some of us have facial features and skin tones that don’t suit the grey.  It can make us look older, or my worst fear; haggard and dreary.  If your grey grows in silvery and shiny, you might as well go for it, it can look stylish, current, and even trend-setting. Continue reading