Birthday Card Craft

So it’s Grandma’s birthday, I can’t beleive it, seems like it happens each year.

Of course being crafty (and cheap…did I mention cheap?) you’re going to make a card because grandma’s eat that stuff up.  And if I have one piece of advice to new mothers….suck up to the grandparents….it will pay you back in spades.

My 6 year old can make beautiful cards and pictures but anything from my 2 year old is guaranteed to be scribbles, which is adorable, butI like a little something extra.

Here’s a quick and cute birthday card I did recently for a friends birthday.  Just paint your toddlers hand to make a hand print, then go back and add orange flames with construction paper or markers.  Add icing and decorations with markers or even better with puffy paint.

  And voila, a card Grandma will treasure.

I like to have the kids colour on the paper first and then use that as the background to place the handprint on.  You could even do another handprint and make it into a present with a bow.